Airbag Light ResetIf the airbag light is on and remains this way throughout your car journey, it is indicating that there is a fault with one or more of the airbags in your car. The airbag light is always red as this signifies that if left as it is, the airbag fault could cause a serious problem for you and your passengers.

Airbags are triggered using an explosion of gas when the car suffers an impact; a fault in the airbag electrics can cause the air bags to be triggered without the car actually having an impact. This can happen at any time, including when you are casually driving down the road, so it is imperative that you get your air bags fixed at the earliest convenience.

At Auto Electrics West Midlands we are air bag specialists, so if your air bag light is on, come and visit our Blackheath/Halesowen premises. Our team of experts will investigate why your airbag light is on and fix the problem as soon as possible; it may be as simple as replacing a fuse.

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